Past Presentations

A panel of three discuss burning questions inspired by recent events from a Biblical perspective.

Finding Answers

An overview of the Bible and the Great Promises it holds for everyone summarised in three 40-50 minute sessions:

Bible 4 Beginners – Session 1
Bible 4 Beginners – Session 2
Bible 4 Beginners – Session 3

Luke explains to us the Pope’s relationship with the Bible and where he fits into it.

The Pope – Saviour or Fraud?

Jonathan Lawson takes us through the events of 2019 and compares them to Bible Prophecy, demonstrating how closely aligned they are. This give us hope that the chaos is really just God’s plan coming to it’s glorious conclusion.

2019 Year in Review

Tom Mansfield focused on the impact of technology on those aged 19+, young adults and parents, examining how technology is affecting our relationships with each other, social situations, life enjoyment, parenting stress, feelings of loneliness and digital dementia.
Tom explained how God has entrusted those who are older to teach in example and word God’s ways to those who are younger – and by extension, everyone around. Tom touches on techniques of how to begin to break free from overusing technology and how to set up good habits around this.

Smart Phones, Dumb People

Technology is impacting on our children more than anyone. Tom Mansfield looks at the research to see what technology is doing to the next generation and the wisdom that God provides to help us manage it.

Wired Children

Tom examines the impact of technology on our lives both good and bad and explains the Biblical wisdom of managing technology very carefully.

The Consumer Experience

Mr. Levett runs through the amazing history of Israel and explains how they returned to land and miraculously have survived as a nation until today despite incredible odds. Or more importantly because of the plan of an all-powerful God.

Israel – Evidence of a Living God

Jonathan Lawson gives us a brief summary of the common religions and highlights that there are major differences between them. Most importantly he demonstrates why Christianity stands out from the rest due to the difference in it’s founder, Jesus and because unlike the others, the reward is a gift – not earned.

Aren’t all Religions Basically the Same?