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God's Gift For You

God made this world with a purpose:  To fill the earth with a people like Him for eternity.

God revealed that purpose to us in His book the Holy Bible.  A book that has defied time and the critics to remain the best selling book of all time.

But something written through the inspiration of God can be a challenge to read and understand - after all it's a big book!

This site is designed to assist you on your personal journey of discovery of God's message to you.

There are many resources but if you are looking for a good place to start we recommend the getting to know the Bible short videos.

Session 1:  Getting to Know the Bible

The first in a series that helps you to read and understand the most important book of all time: - The Bible!

Session 2:  Practical tips

This session covers practical tips and tools to help you read the Bible.

Session 3:  The History & Origin of the Bible

 Is the Bible inspired by the Creator of the Universe? Can we trust it was faithfully copied & protected throughout thousands of years?

Where did modern translations of the Bible originate? What are the key differences between different translation styles?

Session 4:  Reasons to Believe


The Bible is so amazing that sometimes it's hard to believe it's true. That's where prophecy is so helpful, join us online to see which have been fulfilled in the Ancient Era.