Bible Fundamentals - Shorts

These shorts cover a Bible fundamental concisely and briefly.  

The Trinity is a subject that has puzzled people for centuries.  Learn why and what the real explanation iis

How can a loving God let all the terrible things happen in this world?

Find out here!

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Bible Fundamentals - Classes

Classes thoroughly cover a Bible Fundamental subject and usually take between 30 - 60 minutes.

He is the leader of the Christian World.  Or is he?  Learn where the Pope fits into God's plan.

Watch to learn how God instructs us how best to run the Church.

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The Bible is the world's bestseller but how do we know if what it says is true?

Human rights are a hot topic for today but what does God say about "Rights"?

It is one of the most important questions of our existence.  Get to know your God better!

With tumultuous times, what does God offer for those seeking security?

From the outside all religions might seem similar but when you are looking for eternal life, its important to get it right!

Truth has become a very flexible concept.  But if you want absolute Truth then God is the only one with the answers.