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Today there is a country in the Middle East that had disappeared for many centuries. Destroyed by a great military empire, it was scratched from the map. That country was resurrected from the ashes of an old legacy, language and faith, a country that by all odds shouldn't exist today. A country that has fought decades of wars against great odds yet still stands.

Modern Israel today is a miracle, an anomaly, a country whose existence depends on more than just hard work and good luck.

Join us in exploring the ancient prophetic texts that spoke of this miraculous revival, hidden for centuries in the pages of the Bible. These sacred texts not only predicted the rebirth of the nation of Israel as a sign from God, but also tell of a future for this planet, with our earth is reborn, wars ceased, and human existence repurposed.

Miracles do happen, and we would love to share this message of hope with you.


Please join us for this special presentation

THURSDAY  |  12 JANUARY  |  7:30PM

One night only


Box Hill Arts Centre

The Arbour room

470 Station Street Box Hill VIC 3128

Karralyka Centre

\Mines Road, Ringwood East 3135

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