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Useful Links

The Blackburn Christadelphians are only one community amongst many Christadelphian groups in Melbourne and across the world.  On this page you will find links to just some of those communities and their resources.

Remember when searching for the Truth to always refer to the Bible to validate what you see or hear no matter what the source is.

(Acts 17:11)

Worldwide Links

Bible Truth and Prophecy.  A page with a large number of interesting videos

Christadelphians Talk.  A podcast of may interesting talks by Christadelphians

Christadelphians Vault.  An audio repository of hundreds talks by Christadelphians

Bible First Principles - Charlie Taylor COG

Local Links

Boronia Christadelphians.

Canterbury (Cornerstone) Christadelphians.

Clayton Christadelphians.

Dandenong Ranges Christadelphians.

Heathmont Christadelphians

Mooroolbark Christadelphians

Mt Waverly Christadelphians

Ringwood Christadelphians

Upper Gully Christadelphians

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